Trimble Splice

Create Features for Trimble Android Displays with Trimble Splice

Do you have an idea for an app that enhances precision ag field work? Ever wished you could add some extra functionality to a Trimble display?

Now is your chance with Trimble Splice.

Trimble Splice is an extension of our Trimble Select program. We are partnering with independent business partners to bring unique, supplemental capabilities to the Trimble Android display family. You can now build extensions that integrate with Precision-IQ to serve your customers’ needs. No other ag company provides this level of access to their displays.

This is different from simply adding an app to Trimble App Central for users to download and run on the display. Trimble Splice adds custom functionality into Precision-IQ, our proprietary precision ag operating system. That means you can have your app active while also using the guidance and steering as well as flow and application control in the run screen. 

Why Trimble Splice

  • Develop tools to meet the specific needs of your region
  • Create an additional touchpoint with your customers
  • Trimble offers more access to our hardware and software than anyone else
  • Complement field work from the runscreen
  • Combine GNSS positioning and CANBUS for your unique needs
  • Leverage the Trimble network to reach potential new customers
  • Direct access to thousands of precision ag farming operations
  • Integrate your hardware solutions with Trimble Precision-IQ


What Can You Do with Splice?

These are just a few examples of what you can do with Trimble Splice. The possibilities are almost endless. 

  • Let farmers know technicians are in their area
  • Conduct your own remote output
  • Implement downforce applications
  • Tree planting
  • Custom counters for anything: distance, product applied, area covered
  • Meet regional accounting and regulatory requirements
  • Custom implement control using PIQ field boundaries, AB lines or other landmarks
  • View or send camera feeds over the network (grain cart, office view, mobile phone)


How It Works

  1. Submit your idea to Trimble Ag here
  2. Trimble reviews and either accepts or rejects the idea
  3. Partner signs a development agreement with Trimble and receives the Trimble Splice developer kit (SDK) - available here
  4. Partner completes development of application
  5. Application is reviewed and approved by Trimble for publishing
  6. App is published and made available for Precision-IQ deployment


Getting Started

Fill out the submission survey here to begin.  



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Legal Documentation

You can review all legal documents required for Trimble Splice by visiting the below pages. All legal documents are available both as downloadable PDFs and a scrollable web page.

Terms of Service

Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

Mobile Application Distribution Agreement

SDK License