Connected Farm Irrigate

Connected Farm Irrigate

Monitor and control your irrigation systems in real-time from any location with a smartphone or tablet. The Connected Farm™ irrigate app is a powerful management tool for checking the status of center pivot irrigators, including whether they are operating or not operating, in which direction they are traveling, the heading, pump pressure, pivot voltage and type of material being dispersed (water, fertigation, or effluent). It also gives farmers the ability to remotely start or stop their pivots, choose an application schedule, choose the direction (forward or reverse), or switch the type of material being dispersed. All of this helps farmers reduce trips to the fields, manage multiple pivots, and ensure the right amount of fluid is applied in the right place.

Like other Trimble® products, the app works well with many brands of irrigation systems which provide a flexible solution for farm managers worldwide. If you already have the Irrigate-IQ™ service enabled, simply download the app and enter your login information. In case you are not a customer yet, a demo function is available to explore the features provided before subscribing to the service.


• Monitor the following tasks:
• Status (on/off)
• Direction
• Heading
• Pressure
• Voltage
• Material applied (water/effluent/fertigation)

Control the following tasks:
• Variable rate irrigation prescriptions or schedule
• Pivot controls (on/off, direction)